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Cultivate privacy even on your mobile phone. Start by restricting the access of mobile applications to your camera, photos, contacts, and other applications.

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Yes you can! You may get a copy of a document you have submitted to a PIC/PIP. This is your right to access your own information.


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A Infographic Series on the Rights of a Data Subject.

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A Data subject, that's you, have the following rights:

> Right to be Informed

> Right to Access

> Right to Object

> Right to Erasure or Blocking

> Right to Damages

> Right to File a Complaint

> Right to Rectification

> Right to Data Portability



A Data Subject has the right to transfer his/her personal data from one organization to another. It empowers the data subjects to have control over their own data.

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Quick Guide to Email

Studies show that privacy breaches commonly occur because of human error, most especially in sending email.

We at ADM and Partners want you to know how to prevent breaches by exercising due diligence.

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In preparation for the Privacy Awareness Week later this month, ADM and Partners created wallpaper reminders for its personnel.

We are sharing them to you! You may download and use them for your own device.


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We at ADM and Partners Data Privacy Consulting, Inc. are one with data subjects, and with the National Privacy Commission in celebrating the Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) 2019.

It is one of our advocacies to respect and protect the data privacy rights of every individual. Accordingly we impose on ourselves the duty of guiding Personal Information Controllers and Personal Information Processors in doing the same, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your personal data.

We proudly join the NPC in proclaiming, Datos ng Pilipino, Protektado ko!

But we cannot do it alone. It takes a community to truly protect the privacy of data. Your conscious involvement in this matter is just as important in making this happen.

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In line with #PrivacyAware, here is a quick reference for the rights of data subjects.  #admdataprivacy


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The Republic Act 10173, also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, is a law that seeks to protect all forms of personal information. In order to be compliant with the said law, Personal Information Controllers (PICs) and Personal Information Processors (PIPs) need to follow these five pillars:

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In celebration of Data Privacy Day, here are 7 Data Privacy Tips you can use to become safe online!


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January 28 is Data Privacy Day! It is an internationally recognized day dedicated in raising awareness on the importance of privacy and and the protection of personal information. Join us become #PrivacyAware and become a #DataPrivacyChampion





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This 2019, phishing attacks remain rampant and expected to be more persistent.
Be informed with these simple reminders: